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The Coherent Agency exists to put persuasive, strategically grounded digital communications and marketing within everyone's reach. We specialize in working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to quickly and affordably create beautiful web sites, supported by intelligent digital marketing strategies, social media, digital content, and brand strategies that bring your business to life.


Dennis Hunter

Hunter spent a quarter of a century in the trenches of New York City advertising and marketing agencies, working with Fortune 500 clients and marquee brands. He started his career at world-leading branding agency Siegel + Gale for seven years, where he was the lead proposal writer for new business development. He then spent the next decade as director of brand strategy and four years as creative director at a medium-size agency, where he worked with F500 brands like Hughes Network Systems, Ernst & Young, Marsh & McLennan, Guardian, Optimum, Harvard Business School, and Dish. After transitioning into another creative director role at a third agency, he continued working with Hughes Network Systems, Piktochart, and numerous other clients. Even after going freelance, his long-time client Hughes engaged him as an independent contractor for a strategic branding exercise as they prepared to launch the next generation of their satellite Internet service.


In 2018 Hunter founded The Coherent Agency in order to refocus his decades of experience as a creative director and brand strategist working with F500 brands, and turn that expertise towards helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, personal brands, and meaningful causes bring their digital brands to life.


Hunter has a refined knowledge of the technology and wellness industries as well as the nonprofit sector. His past work spans almost every medium from print to TV commercials to web sites and digital advertising. He is a Wix Expert and member of the Wix Design Pro worldwide community. He is also a published author of two books, and a meditation teacher.




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