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Why I Use Wix for Web Site Design

Clients and colleagues frequently ask me why I decided to specialize in designing and building web sites on the #Wix platform. The short answer is that Wix is simply the best cloud-based web design and hosting platform for people who need fast, easy, affordable, beautiful, and creative web sites that empower their brands and businesses.

Of course, everyone comes with their opinions and attachments to particular tools and platforms based on their investments of time and money in this one or that one. But I've been around the block with a few different DIY web design tools, and my opinion is based on experience.

  • SquareSpace is rigid and heavily templated. This is good for people who really want to do it themselves but are prone to breaking things or making ugly designs. To prevent you from doing that, SquareSpace restricts your creative freedom. I have to use SquareSpace to maintain one client site, and I always feel like I'm trying to walk with my shoestrings are tied together.

  • Weebly and GoDaddy don't seem very highly evolved in terms of design capabilities.

  • WordPress started out as a blogging platform and frankly it still looks and feels like one to me, masquerading as a web design and hosting tool. Sort of like SquareSpace, on WordPress you work with preset "themes" that feel like cages to me. And I find the whole interface and method of interaction very non-intuitive.

  • Now even traditional print companies like Vistaprint are jumping into the DIY web design space, which sends a shudder down my spine.

I attended the WixCon convention for Wix Experts in May 2018. I was privileged to meet the people who make Wix what it is and to get an insider look at some of the new things Wix has in store for users in the near future. I interact daily with a worldwide community of Wix Pros who, like me, use Wix to design and launch client web sites that look, feel, and behave as if they were custom-built by teams of Drupal and CSS coders and graphic designers. I can say with confidence that Wix stands head-and-shoulders above competing cloud-based web design platforms.

  • Yes, Wix provides lovely templates that I can use as starter kits for a web design, but then it gives me a very long leash of creative freedom in terms of what I do with that design once I start editing it.

  • I'm not sure that any other platform can compete with the range of value-added services and toolkits that Wix offers to help companies meet their business objectives online: e-commerce and online stores, hosted streaming video, online music, paid memberships and subscription plans, appointments and service bookings, and more.

  • Wix even introduced recently a set of DIY coding tools for the non-coder, called Wix Code, which they describe as "an integrated development environment that enables you to manage data, customize the behavior of Wix components, build web applications and create robust websites." This isn't your grandfather's DIY design tool anymore.

With great power comes great responsibility. The creative freedom and the amazing range of tools Wix provides means that you really need to have a good eye for #coherent design, a head for web functionality and integration, a sense of how to manage things like SEO and mobile optimization, and the ability to solve problems on the fly as they arise. Because you're not locked up in a SquareSpace or WordPress cage, you can do so much more. But the flip side of that is, you can also make a much bigger mess.

That's why my clients turn to The Coherent Agency for help. Because as easy as Wix makes things for the average user, my clients know that they will get great results when they have a qualified Wix Pro designing and building it for them. And they'll get their web presence launched faster, more affordably, and more reliably than working with coders and custom builders hosting sites on overheated servers housed on racks in someone's basement somewhere.

Fast. Affordable. Beautiful. Functional. Secure. Cloud-based. Coherent. What's not to love?

Get in touch and let us know if we can help you think through your web site needs and implement more coherent solutions using Wix.

Dennis Hunter

Founder and Principal

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